Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello world! This little blog is intended to be a collection of everything - my life, my thoughts, my joys, my gripes. There will be shows I love, songs I love, books, fashion and products I love. There seems to always be something going on either in my life or in my head. I work full time and write sometimes although I would like to just list my vocation as "writer". I've got an awesome husband who works way too much, a teenage son that hasn't realized he's supposed to hate me yet, and a stepdaughter and stepson I love dearly but still struggle at times to connect with. Like many stepmoms, I blame that on their mother. I refer to her as "The Ex" and I'm sure she will make an appearance or two. I have a great family and I'm close to my parents but it doesn't mean sometimes I don't think they're crazy - my family in general, not specifically my parents. It also doesn't mean that some of them aren't just plain crazy. I also have a wonderful collection of friends - some I've had my whole life, some are newer to my world - all are important to me - probably more than most of them realize. For the sake of all those I love, all names will be changed but any stories that appear will be based on true events. :)

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